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Admissions Information

Applicants to the Program of Veterinary Technology must meet the requirements for general admission to the College as well as requirements specific for the Program. These requirements are listed on the Admission's page of the College web site.

In addition to the general requirements for admission, applicants to the Program of Veterinary Technology must have met the criteria listed below.

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For immediate service, contact the Manor College Admission's office at (215) 884-2216.
Applications are still being accepted for Fall 2016!

A. Admission Requirements

2 years H.S. or college math (must include one year of algebra)                         
1 year H.S. or college biology with lab
1 year H.S. or college chemistry with lab
 (Applicants 25 years of age and younger must submit SAT scores)
Minimum SAT score for applicant review: 900 (V + M or CR + M)
Minimum GPA: 3.0
Minimum high school or college science and math GPA: 3.0

a. Successful completion* of one year of high school- or college-level courses in chemistry (with lab), and biology (with lab) and two years of math (one of which must be algebra). A minimum GPA of (3.0) and a minimum science and math GPA of (3.0) must be achieved in these courses.

*Successful completion means that the applicant has received a grade of “C” or better and that the course is a college-prep course (includes regular academic, honors and advanced placement course).

b. Criminal Record Clearance 

Students with a criminal history that would prevent licensure by the Pennsylvania State Board of Veterinary Medicine may not enroll in veterinary technology classes.

c. Observational, volunteer or employment experience in a veterinary facility is strongly recommended, but may not be “transferred” for course credit. Clinical externships must be completed by all veterinary technology students regardless of prior experience.

d. Acknowledged understanding of the technical ability standards required for performance in the profession, which are reviewed with each applicant during the admission process.

e. Prior to matriculation, students must be immunized against rabies and tetanus, and are required to maintain health insurance coverage for the duration of the Program. Students should consult with the Occupational Health Department at Abington Memorial Hospital or a comparable department at their local hospital. Incurred costs are the responsibility of the student.

f. Students are advised that many externship sites and off-campus laboratories are not accessible via public transportation. Students will therefore be asked to drive to these sites. Not having a driver’s license or having access to a car might compromise the externship experience.

B. Starting the Program:

Students must place into college-level courses in English (reading and writing) and math before they are permitted to take veterinary technology courses. Students placed into any one of the following pre-college, developmental courses, will NOT be permitted to take Veterinary Technology courses.

Pre-College, Developmental Courses

  1. EN065 Reading and Writing Skills
  2. EN075 Reading Strategies
  3. EN085 Writing Strategies
  4. MH080 Basic Mathematics
  5. MH090 Basic Algebra

Veterinary Technology students must complete and submit to the Program Director all required verification and release forms before they are permitted to take veterinary technology courses. These forms must be submitted to the Veterinary Technology Office before the commencement of classes. Students are asked to wear their uniforms to all veterinary technology classes and laboratories. All laboratories that involve hands-on training with animals also include animal care duties outside of class time. Students are asked to anticipate and plan for completing these additional responsibilities. Off campus laboratories and externships are not easily accessible via public transportation and students are expected to provide their own transportation to these sites.

Students are required to complete and submit the following documents before starting the Program:

a. Criminal Record Clearance Form Students with a criminal history that would prevent licensure by the Pennsylvania State Board of Veterinary Medicine may not enroll in veterinary technology classes.

b. Green Verification FormStudents must demonstrate that they are immunized against rabies and tetanus and that they possess active health insurance coverage. Students should allow at least six weeks for completion of the rabies vaccination series and should assume responsibility for the cost of the series.

c. Pregnancy and Health Risk Notification and Release Form Students must document their awareness and understanding of the risks associated with working with animals, particularly those who are pregnant or immunosupressed.

d. Animal-Use Release Form Students agree to hold the College harmless for risks associated with working with animals.

e. Blue College Physical Exam Form Submit this form to the Admissions Office

C. Transferring into the Program from other majors

Students wanting to apply for transfer into the Program of Veterinary Technology from other majors are asked to complete the following requirements:

    1. Successful completion of all developmental courses including Prep-Chem and/ or Prep-Bio is applicable.
    2. Completion of 14 credits of college-level math and science courses with combined GPA of 3.3 or higher in these courses on the first attempt.
      1. 8 credits of basic science including labs (Bio 101 and Chem 101 are recommended)
      2. 6 credits of math (MH102 and MH103) are recommended)
    3. Submission of SAT and/or Accuplacer scores where appropriate.
    4. Submission of transcripts(s) documenting successful completion of required math and science courses.
    5. Required courses completed at other institutions must have been transferred to the student’s Manor College transcript.